Injury  prevention programs aim to help athletes and active individuals develop good work habits that will allow them to maintain a healthy balance between sports and their personal lives. This is especially beneficial for young athletes who can pick up these valuable skills early on and continue to apply them throughout their athletic career.

Our injury prevention programs  are specifically geared to each athlete/individual to meet theirs unique needs and help them achieve their own goals. Many injuries tend to happen due to inappropriate warm-up techniques and training errors.

Below are a list of common sports injuries and ways to prevent them:

Shoulder Injuries
The best way to avoid shoulder pain is by keeping fit and doing proper warm up exercises so you can ease into the activity. Proper conditioning is also necessary to prevent overuse injuries.

Elbow Pain
Athletes, especially tennis players and golfers, need to ensure that they use proper technique and suitable equipment in order to avoid developing elbow pain.

Lower Back Pain
Low back pain is commonly due to the loss in strength and balance in your core muscles as you age, resulting in poor posture, wrong alignment, and pain. You can protect your lower back best by undertaking regular exercise.

Knee Pain

Knee injuries are usually due to improper technique, poor flexibility and inadequate conditioning. Correct technique and gradual buildup of training is required to prevent overuse. Also, because biomechanics can play a role in knee injury, suitable footwear and equipment is important for improving alignment and injury prevention.

Ankle Sprains and Strains

There are many causes of ankle injuries, among them are poor technique and uneven ground. Appropriate footwear is essential to avoid sprains, and braces provide extra stability for athletes who have experienced ankle injuries in the past.

Taking into consideration common sports injuries and the specific needs of our athletes, we provide a comprehensive program that incorporates proper techniques for warm-up, strengthening, flexibility, endurance, conditioning and training. Our program is designed to reduce the risk of injury and at the same time, improve athletic performance, ensuring the best outcomes for athletes.


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