Warm up routines are not created equal, new research presented at the world golf fitness summit demonstrates

This new year is the perfect time to modify your pre round routine. Static stretches, those stretches typically held for 10-30 seconds, are often part of a golfers warm up. While there is a place for this type of stretching, it is NOT in your warm up. This type of stretch actually reduces power output and overall performance.

Dynamic exercises are far superior especially when light RESISTANCE BANDS are included .

The goal is to activate the postural muscles. It is also essential to include the gluteal muscles, the power source of the golf swing. Devoting 5-7 minutes to this type of a warm up can significantly improve the following: Driving Distance, Ball Speed, and Club Head Speed.  Remember this is a warm up not a work out so the exertion level is rated a 4 on a 1-10 scale.


Stand tall grip the band with hands 16” apart.
Squeeze shoulder blades and pull arms apart . 10-12 reps 2 sets.